Basey Family History

My History

I was Born Larry Dwayne Basey, Son of Dwight Neal Basey and Linda Margaret Wright.  At the young age of 3 I was adopted to the surname Jones and for over half a century have been known by that name.  At age 24 I was told that I had been adopted by my dad, Joe Jones.  So 30yrs ago was born the desire to know about where my family came from.  I had known that my mother was adopted at age 5 as her birth name was Melinda Lou.  It was very rough going at first.  I asked my blood kin grandmother about the family as far back as she could remember.  She told me Lafe Basey was the father of James Olin, my grandfather.  I looked far and wide for any information on Lafe Basey.  There was none to be had.  So one day I tried to get his death certificate as he had died in Oklahoma.  There was none on file for that name.  I asked if there was a death certificate for an L. Basey.  None.  $10 a pop trying to find this information.  The clerk took pity on me as i was down to my last $10 to try to open this family tree up.  I told him Basey was a rare name, were there any that died about 1945-1950?  He came back with a Presley L. Basey death certificate.  I asked if there was a birth certificate as it was common in 1930 to get a delayed certificate of birth for Social Security numbers.  It came back, Presley Lafayette Basey with Father William and mother Rebecca Ayers.  Jackpot!  Years went by and software called family tree maker had been created.  People were posting family information on line. I saw a tree for a Susan Tucker who had a Presley Basye and a William Basye with the exact same birth and death dates as mine.  That couldn’t be coincidence so I called her up. Her information had come from teh book of Basye 1950, by Otto Basye.   It said, William and his descendants adopted the spelling Basye.  Finally the home-run I had been Seeking!

Immediately I had my family tree back to 1645 because of the painstaking research of Otto Basye and his Son who published the book after Otto’s death.

For 30 years I have researched with the same dedication that Otto originally had done in the years before.  Not only did I research the Basey family tree but all of my branches.  The history learned as a result, that of my family, my country, may world has been an amazing journey!  On this site I hope to share some of that journey as well as provide information for others.

As I spend more time researching, I find little time to make a site for the information but I will add to this as I can.